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Selected Poems

Literary Matters, "Seminar by Starlight"

Literary Matters, "The Truth as Well"

Vox Populi, "Summer Nights and Days"

The New Criterion, "The train" and "Fast ride"

The Irenaut, "Rothko Chapel"

The New Republic, "However Cool"

The New Yorker, "Love and Dread" 

The New Yorker, "460 Riverside Drive"

The New Yorker, "The Yawn"

The New Yorker, "Only So Much"

The New Yorker, "The Red Hat"

Poetry Foundation, "Green and Gold"

Poetry Foundation, "Roadblock"

Poetry Foundation, "Flying Home" 

Vox Populi, "Ghost Guest"

Vox Populi, "Ides of March MMXX"

Vox Populi, "February 29, 2020"

Vox Populi, "Little Free Library, Turner's Falls"

Vox Populi, "The Seeds"

Vox Populi, "Sourdough Starter"

Selected Essays

Selected Book Reviews

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